THT Biomaterials GmbH aims to overcome major methodological issues at the bottom of today’s drug development, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine research practices leading to false positive or negative results. A new visionary platform technology is under development that will speed up research as it makes its results more realistic by replacing animal components with human components.

  • Animal material free cell culture (3R)

  • Better quality because of the same species

  • A potential source for an affordable personalized medicine

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The human placenta:
Animal material free cell culture (3R)

The Three Rs (3Rs) in relation to science are guiding principles for more ethical use of animals in testing. The 3Rs are:

Replace: substitute with alternative methods.
Reduce: decrease the number of laboratory animals.
Refinement: minimise the pain and suffering of laboratory animals.

Our approach to 3Rs is having a broader scope than simply encouraging alternatives to animal testing, we want to bring human material to human biology and medicine.

The human placenta:
Better quality because of the same species

By using proteins from the same species you get:

Same (HUMAN) cell environment in vitro.
Less false positive/negative results.
Humanizing cell culture models.
More impact for researchers.
Faster into clinical applications

The human placenta:
A potential source for an affordable personalized medicine

Placenta is an organ largely composed of foetal elements (personalized medicine) and probably the most easily accessible raw tissue material without causing additional harm to donors. Many human placenta-based products have already been successfully used as topical or injectable agents in clinical approaches related to wound healing, burn injuries, post-surgical dressings or bedsores, for ophthalmology and other applications in regenerative medicine for over 100 years. We aim to use placenta biomaterials for personalized (autologous) filler and in vitro drug diagnosis/development/toxicity testings over the long run.








THT Biomaterials works closely with the pharmaceutical and health care industries as well as academic institutions and regulatory bodies to validate our HUMAN PLACENTA technology as approved and recognized method to replace animal materials in science. In close cooperation and constant dialogue with all stakeholders, our expert team designs and conducts the work effectively and with maximum transparency.


Bioprinting technology has emerged as a powerful tool for building tissue and organ structures in the field of tissue engineering. It allows precise placement of cells, (bio)materials and molecules in spatially predefined locations within three-dimensional (3D) structures. THT Biomaterials works with different groups and various types of 3D printers to generate tissue and organ constructs in larger scales.


Drug discovery and development is a process to develop new medications for patients. Lab-on-Chip technologies are the future of many new drug discoveries, because for example, 3D Organoids can clue human organ development already under the microscope. THT Biomaterials works on different approaches to develop in vitro cancer studies/drug medication tests, and in vitro toxicity studies. Moreover, we work on soft tissue repair.

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