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The Executive Board

Johannes Hackethal
Johannes HackethalCEO / Founder
Johannes Hackethal has worked in the Austrian health sector with over 10 years’ experience in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. He was studying in Sweden for 1 year and accomplished his Doctoral Thesis at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) Vienna with distinction in 2018. He is young Science ambassador, has written many public grants (e.g. FFG) and supervised many students during his studies. Johannes Hackethal holds invention disclosures, a patent, and several publications in this field. He founded the company THT Biomaterials to enhance the quality in tissue engineering by replacing animal components by human components from placenta in 2020 together with Peter Goldmann.
Peter Goldmann
Peter GoldmannCTO / Cofounder
Peter Goldmann graduated in telecommunication science at the Vienna University of Technology and worked in different global business units such as Audio and Video at Philips Austria Industry GmbH. He introduced the new age of digitalization in the seventies with programmable circuits to control dictation equipment and developed the first desktop systems with microprocessors. The business unit produced far over one million products of desktop dictating machines in Austria and became the number one on the world market in this segment. He developed three patents in this field. In the year 2002, he started his own business as consultant for Philips and other clients and held lectures for quality, process and project management as well as in business administration and supported practical electronic labs at the University of Applied Sciences Wien.

Our Contracted Partners

Jürgen Kremb
Jürgen KrembCompany Representative
Jürgen Kremb is a veteran author, journalist and foreign correspondent writing on Asian affairs, who turned serial entrepreneur and start-up manager based in Singapore and Vienna. Originally Jürgen began his career as music-critic and travel-writer for his hometown daily in Southwest Germany. Later he studied and taught Asian History and Economics in Berlin’s Free University and Taiwan Normal University.
Fluent in Mandarin, he managed the office of the German newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL in Beijing, Singapore and Vienna for almost two decades. By reporting in Southeast Asia, Jürgen decided to stay in the region financing and managing start-up companies via his consulting company in the lion city. Jürgen will be our representative in Singapore, covering the Asian continent.
Michael Zechner
Michael ZechnerCompany Representative
Die Firma LABCONS ist unter anderem im Handel und Vertrieb tätig und kooperiert mit einem seit 1997 gewachsenem Netzwerk von Herstellern auf der ganzen Welt und liefert Laborprodukte und Laborlösungen von über 600 Herstellern und beabsichtigt unsere THT Biomaterials Produkte in ihr Lieferprogramm für beiderseitig günstigen Bedingungen aufzunehmen und in ihrem Kundenkreis zu vertreiben.

„In tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, a biomaterial provides mechanical support and biochemical signals to encourage cell attachment and modulate cell behaviour. Nature’s template for a biomaterial is the extracellular matrix (ECM).”

The Advisory Board

Univ.Prof.DI Dr.Heinz Redl
Univ.Prof.DI Dr.Heinz RedlAdvisory Board
Heinz Redl has a background in biochemistry with almost 40 years’ experience in trauma and regenerative medicine research. He holds positions in several societies, such as Chair of TERMIS-EU and is member of multiple editorial boards (e.g. Tissue Eng, J TERM, eCM). His expertise includes experience in different fields of tissue regeneration, co-developer of the fibrin sealant system (>30 years), developer of surgical devices in current clinical use and many collaboration projects with major industry partners. He has written >520 papers, holds >10 patents and has participated in several EC projects.
MBA Bernhard Kerres
MBA Bernhard KerresAdvisory Board
Bernhard Kerres is a sought-after executive coach and keynote speaker based in Vienna, Austria. He was the first opera singer to become a C-level executive of multi-million Euro tech companies. And he was the only artistic director of a world-leading concert house to bring his Startup to Silicon Valley. Bernhard coaches executives, especially in tech and in consulting, as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, and classical musicians.

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